What ?

You want to play games with your friends and family but you don't have any multiplayer games nor a console nor gamepads...

Couch Games allows you to easily play multiplayer games without buying any hardware.

How ?

Use your smartphone as your gamepad
And any "smart" big screen as your console
(think Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon TV, any computer or even a tablet)

Where ?

STEP 1 : Download Couch games from your favorite Store and install it on every device
STEP 2 : Ensure that every device is on the same Wifi network
STEP 3 : Enjoy many multiplayer games with friends and family

The games

From classics to totally crazy new concepts, a lot of fun is waiting for you...


From 2 to 8 players, explode your opponents by laying radioactive eggs on the floor.

More games...

More games are in the making, follow us on facebook/twitter to get notice when a new game is out.